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becoming The Little Mcleans...

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It all started in 2013 when the first Little Mclean arrived. Then fast forward 6 years to 2019 and the second Little Mclean turned up. This is when we became The Little McLeans. Let me explain more...


I have always loved homeware, but more specifically candles. A candle has the power to turn a house into a home, they let you express yourself and  make every occasion special. I started making my own candles on maternity leave with the second Little Mclean. As every parent knows time is a premium when a new arrival comes along and I wanted to make sure I still had special time with the first Little Mclean. So one afternoon off we popped to the craft shop and on sale was a candle making kit and a make your own puppet set, never one to miss a bargain into the basket they went. Like all children, everything needed to be made that day. First of course out came the puppet set then followed by the candle making kit. For obvious reasons Little Mclean just helped measure out the wax and continuously kept smelling the scent. Fascinated by the look of the wax melting and then going like a hard rock (as described by Little Mclean) we decided to make more. Within a few weeks we had our very own favourite fragrance and named it. Every time I lit the candle the name kept on ringing in my head. From there I began searching for fragrances that I loved and developing our  brand.  Since then it has been a labour of love testing candles for more than 9 months, and here we are today. Many fragrance's have come and gone, until I found the perfect signature collection. I am continuously working on The Little Mclean's range so keep a look out for new lines...obviously this is overseen by my little helpers.

Hope you enjoy my candles as much as I have enjoyed making them. They really are made and packed with love and care.

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the little mcleans